A Day at the Louvre

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On one of the few afternoons we actually had a blue-ish sky and could see the sun (although not pictured here), we went to the Louvre for the day. It was worth missing the sun for what we were about to see.

For one thing, I got to witness some of the local color, ha—this young guy stripped to a Borat-style neon bathing suit. I was literally running to get this shot. As he saw me and some others catching wind of his antics, we quickly pulled up his drawers.


And a little more color, these two were hardcore ravers. That dude had a black oxygen-looking mask on.

Here we are! I’m in awe at first site.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace is so beautiful and immense, I could cry.

Here’s the small but but important to see: the Mona Lisa.

A view through the window of some of the grounds.

Venus de Milo herself.

Because fannies never go out of style.

My God(dess).

I love the Egyptian wing!

These were the teeniest figurines I have ever seen.

Husband and Wife.


This is a real mummy! Those Egyptians wrapped every single part of a deceased person including every finger. It’s unbelievable how it is still preserved today.

If and when you go to Paris, you really must go to the Louvre. It is an exciting feeling to be able to walk up to some of the most famous works of art in the world; work that you’ve read/studied or those famous ones that you remember from cartoons as a child. Seeing history up close is an unexplainable treasure to try and comprehend the craft that went into each piece. You could easily spend a couple of days there, but a long afternoon will allow you to see many great works. The museum is only 10 Euros to get into and is in a really awesome area of town with super-cool upscale boutiques and the famous Colette which you may have heard about if you have hipster-cred.


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