Washington, DC Mid-century / Bauhaus style House

January 17, 2011 at 1:04 pm | Posted in architecture, DC, decor, mid-century, modernism | 1 Comment
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Over the weekend, Daryle and I wanted to go somewhere new for dinner so we headed over to Palisades, a charming area in upper northwest DC with a quiet neighborhood vibe. Whenever we visit, we fantasize how lovely it would be to live there. The trees are very tall with tons of wooded areas, there’s low/no crime and better public schools. MacArthur Blvd. has a handful of yummy restaurants that have been there for years: a Belguin spot; a greasy old-fashioned Italian restaurant that I imagine is amazing; Kemble Park Tavern (a favorite of ours); and Bambu, a Thai restaurant which is where we ended up. I had the most delicious (detox-friendly!) salmon with red curry and green beans. Yum!

Driving there, we passed this super cool, Bauhaus-style, detached modern home that’s nestled on a hill along Arizona Avenue. “It’s perfect!” I declared. No—we aren’t looking for a new home. I quickly pulled out my iPhone to google the address and found that it was going for a whopping $1.3M. Ha! It’s fun to dream. The house looks very spacious, with expansive windows overlooking a stone terraced landscape. I have warn you, the current decor is over the top. You’ve got to check out the slideshow to see the boldly chosen wallpaper in each of the three bathrooms and the enormous oriental rugs and busy tapestries juxtaposed with modern furniture and contemporary artwork on the walls. According to the website, the architect (although unnamed) was Mies Van Der Rohe’s protege. It’s nice to be reminded that DC has some fantastic modern gems throughout the city.


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  1. This kind of architectural pieces always leave me in craving for having the opportunity to live in one of them, one day. Recently I also discovered some of the modern green houses that combine the newest technologies to reduce the footprint of their residents. The Palms House is just streets away from where I live, I can’t help but slow down every time I pass to admire it. I immediately thought of it when I saw your post.

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