A detox diet that isn’t totally extreme

January 10, 2011 at 11:55 pm | Posted in life, vegetable | 4 Comments
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Oh hello, please pardon the delay, last week I had one heck of a work week and it doesn’t look like it will be any less busy this week. It makes me forget that I even had a little holiday vacation. Anyway, back to the life. I haven’t exactly kept up (or even started) most of my new years resolutions. For instance, I have not “hit the gym” once. Over the weekend, I got Verizon Fios which is very exciting because I essentially went from watching Hulu and Netflix via a 12” laptop to buying a big ass television and getting cable including HBO + Skinamax (for a limited time). On Sunday, I was exploring On Demand, a heavenly feature, and discovered the FREE exercise videos. I choose to check out the kickboxing video and lazily realized that I was literally laying on the couch watching the guy do his kicks and punches. What’s wrong with this picture?

One mini triumph however is a detox I’ve been doing for the past 10 days. I read about it in a really great magazine called Whole Living (it’s a Martha Stewart publication) which is an inspirational read if you’re into nutrition, yoga, mediation, and general healthy way of life. The detox isn’t anything terribly extreme like the Master Cleanse of a juice diet, but instead it focuses on eating whole foods, limiting caffeine, sugar, dairy, and gluten. What can you eat? There’s actually quite a lot, but it isn’t as easy as coming home and popping seven slices of cheddar cheese in your mouth while cooking dinner (hmm, I’m not talking about myself…).

The past week and a half I’ve traded my coffee for green tea, and my nightly red wine for chamomile tea (haha, it actually has the same effect on me—I pass out). I’ve been eating less meat (not no meat), in exchange for lentils, beans, millet, lots and lots of veggies: spinach, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and collard greens. I’m trying to use less olive oil (again, not no olive oil) and making fish and chicken in the oven. I’ve been using a ton of fresh herbs in everything, sage, parsley, cilantro, basil and using honey and lemon to sweeten things up. Overall, I feel really good. These are healthy changes that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I pretty much bought everything on Whole Living‘s grocery list and whip up a new creation every night. If you are interested in reading about it, check it out here.



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  1. Your salads (and photos) are lovely! You should share the recipes of your healthy meals.

    The other evening, I tossed together something that was VERY healthy, easy, and tasted fabulous:
    toast fresh ground pepper in a sauce pan;
    add 1/2 a chopped sweet onion (NO oil), keep them moving so they don’t burn, but carmelize;
    add two chopped tomatoes;
    as that reduces, add a splash of champagne vinegar (or another light vinegar), fennel, and thyme;
    remove half the pan contents, then add 1″ chunks of white fish (like grouper, sea bass, or halibut), the pour the removed contents over the fish to braise for only a few minutes.

    • Hi Stacey,
      I love how your recipe sounds. I actually have all of the ingredients in my kitchen! Must cook the fish tomorrow night too.

      That salad in the picture was made from a medley of greens that I got from Yes! Market (do you know it? kind of like a mini Whole Foods) which had baby spinach, beet greens, parley, dill, arugula and mint. I added some raisins and unsalted sunflower seeds and drizzled with olive oil, honey and vinegar dressing.

      The entree with lentils was delish—it was the first time I’ve ever cooked lentils; they’re really easy. I combined a bay leaf, carrots, celery, red onion, added garlic and some salt+pepper. The salmon was baked with lemon and garlic. Everything tasted so fresh. Thanks for reading!

  2. do these recipes for the detox make just dinners or each meal of the day? is it expensive to do?

    • Hi Jenn, It’s actually not ideal how Whole Living has the recipes layed out. Instead of categorizing everything by meal, it just lists a bunch of meals that you can mix and match for the week. I’ve been bringing leftovers to work for lunch and admittedly, I’ve never been a big breakfast person, so I generally eat fruit like a banana and grapes to tie me over till lunch.

      As for the expense, well it isn’t cheap. I did buy less meat at the grocery store, but really loaded up with the produce, and bulk items like millet, quinoa, unsalted nuts (not cheap at all), and unsalted/sugarless trail mix. Trader Joes, in my opinion has good prices on frozen organic veggies, for things like chopped peppers, green beans, spinach and peas. But yeah, I’m amazed how much food adds up and half (err, most) of the time I’m not even buying 100% organic.

      Are you interested in a detox? Have you ever tried one?

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