The Roaring Twenties – A Decade in Review

November 10, 2010 at 8:46 am | Posted in DC, life | 3 Comments
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Well it’s my 30th birthday today and I thought I would lay out a montage of some of my favorite memories from my 20s. As I scroll down the page reviewing all of the photos of myself, I wonder if I am about to lose any friends and readers because well, it is a ton of photos of moi (ha, ha). And as much as being an art and photography coordinator entails editing, sometimes it’s really hard to cut an image if it is telling a story.

So here the story is: I’ve been alive for 30 short years. It goes by fast. And I guess today has been inevitable since the moment I was born. Then I wonder if in another thirty years, I’ll be saying the same thing— “it goes by fast” (I’m thinking of Ferris Bueller’s line “life moves pretty fast”), which makes me a little teary. But enough about that. At this very moment, I’d like to focus on the last decade I’ve enjoyed—the quite literally, Roaring Twenties. It’s been an awesome trip—I traveled back and forth along the east coast, have been several times to Los Angeles and once to San Diego (hearts!), visited Paris, sailed on the sea, have been level-five white water rafting, gone camping, been snorkeling, went to a ton of concerts, made and have a bunch of amazing friends, seen an enormous amount of contemporary art (but not enough!). I graduated college, moved to Brooklyn, moved to DC. I interned at Astralwerks, and then had the opportunity to land some amazing jobs that have each elevated me to the next level of my career starting at Team Gallery, The Phillips Collection, Ford’s Theatre and today the magazine. I played bassoon in community orchestra, sung Mozart’s Requiem in chorus, bought a house, survived managing a renovation of said-house (that’s another story), met my kindred spirit and fell madly in love. I got married this year. And that was all only in my twenties. I know great things await. I know hard things are down that road too. But I am here today, a bit emotional, but also excited for the next chapter in my life. I hear the thirties are a person’s most beautiful years. Well,—I’ll drink to that. As Nina Simone sings “It’s a new dawn, a new day, a new life for me.”

Note: As long as the montage is—it is still missing some keys photos from my college years. Unfortunately those photos are at my parent’s house. Also, I intentionally neglected to post photos of Daryle and me at our wedding because that’s for a different post. :)


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  1. happy birthday!!!! :)

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