Logan Walters Wu-Note Records

October 29, 2010 at 10:51 am | Posted in design, modernism | 2 Comments
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Graphic designer out of Detroit, Logan Walters began filling in his missing cover art in iTunes by designing custom covers of his own. Walters wanted his Wu-Tang collection to look like it was part of a series. After designing a bunch, Walters noticed that the albums were taking on a classic retro look—something similar to the famous Blue Note jazz albums designed by Reid Miles. The covers were so strong that Walters decided to continue the recreation of the Wu-Tang’s most famous albums through the nineties with Miles’ work in mind. The results (above, plus more here) are a classic-looking body of work with simple but bold typography along with a single image. Somethings never get old. Shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yam shimmy yay!

Read a full interview with Logan Walters as he talks about the process of designing the Wu album covers here.

**An exhibition of Blue Note and other classic jazz albums are on display Sunday, November 7th at Lounge of Ill on U Street. The records in the exhibit are all courtesy of my friend Neal Becton from his vintage record shop, Som Records. More information about the exhibit can be found here.**


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  1. these are absolutely incredible! are we allowed/able to import them to itunes?

  2. Jason, I knew this would be up YOUR ally! I’m sure you could upload the artwork one by one and load each into iTunes. Here’s the link to all of the Wu albums he’s done. http://loganmillswalters.com/#333938/Wu-Note

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