Renaissance Festival in Maryland

October 5, 2010 at 7:53 am | Posted in life | 6 Comments
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Huzzah! Over the weekend I had the jolly pleasure of attending this year’s Renaissance Festival near Annapolis, MD with three of my favorite friends. Never in my entire life had I ever gone to one of these festivals; it was more or less what I had imagined, but actually more fun. There is a sweetness in the air because people are really into Ren-Fest. I mean, I love a good costume party, but I’ve never particularly been into fantasy or dungeons and dragons or anything like that—and the Renaissance Fest is a perfect haven for kings, knights and wenches. I received more than a few “hello m’Lady!” greetings.

Let’s face it, it’s not every day you get to see someone dressed up as a mime on stilts. …awesome!

The grounds of Ren-Fest look like an authentic village with tudor-style buildings. The structures reside there all year round and are only inhabited for a few weeks a year; exclusively for Ren-Fest merchants and attendants.

The driving force for me was eating a giant turkey leg (which was only $5!) and a ahem several Killian’s Red beers. Hellz yeah. We were all in!

The next most important thing for me was see the jousting competition. Which was only ok. I was kind of acting like a big kid at the mall whose parents were making her sit on Santa’s lap even though she knew he wasn’t real. To say the least, I was unimpressed.

Yeah, yeah, and they lived happily ever after.


I kind of love this guy.

The end.



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  1. I’m going there this weekend! I’ve lived in Anne Arundel County my whole life and have never been. Your pictures are great…

  2. Hi, thanks! You’ll definitely have fun. Try to arrive early because it gets really crowded really fast.

  3. Haha!! Hahaha! Your presentation is priceless. Very good. Very funny. I especially love the turkey leg mug shots. I look particularly dazed.

  4. I **love** the montage of you four with a giant turkey leg & beer. But where are your costumes? :-)

  5. I went to the one in New York state several years ago. I think it was open all summer. I felt about the whole thing the way you felt about the jousting.
    And yes. my favorite part were the Turkey legs, which they had for some reason decided to call “pterodactyl drumsticks.”

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