Urban Farmers

September 22, 2010 at 10:29 pm | Posted in gardening | 4 Comments
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I like how by being creative with space, you can pretty much have it all—even living in one of the most densely populated cities in the world—NYC. Urban horticulturists around The City are turning rooftops and old basketball courts into large scale sustainable vegetable gardens; and they’re turning a profit by selling the goods to local restaurants and CSAs (community-supported agriculture). Below is a map where to find the most productive growers. I’d love to see a similar movement in DC.

(Featured in New York Magazine. Photo by Andreas Laszlo Konrath.)


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  1. From everything that I’ve read NYC is really ahead in this concept. Of course, there are cool projects everywhere but from articles like this, it appears it is really an economy.

  2. It’s happening everywhere now, and it’s about time! The best way to make sure it gets started in your area is to take charge and do it.

  3. Hi you two,
    Thanks, I definitely agree. It would be a dream for me to expand my garden and become more involved with the community. At the moment, I need more space and quite frankly more time. Thanks so much for reading S+Ds.

  4. […] latest photos of artists and designers. And, I remain intrigued by Annie Novak’s urban rooftop gardening. Today, much to my surprise, I noticed The Selby photographed Annie in her garden […]

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