I’m baaaack! (from Maui with love)

September 6, 2010 at 12:50 pm | Posted in wedding | 2 Comments
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Oh hello, hello, hello! My God, I am back, married and honeymooned; feeling madly in love, gloriously giddy over the celebrations that we’ve had, stirred with a twist of sadness that it is all over. Daryle and I traveled up to Buffalo, NY for our wedding that was on Saturday, August 21st at the historic Saturn Club. In Buffalo, we had three jam-packed days of parties: A Friday rehearsal dinner then afterparty all held at the Anchor Bar (the place that invented Buffalo wings). Saturday was our wedding (hearts and stars). I have always heard that weddings are never up to ones expectations, but ours exceeded mine. It couldn’t have been lovelier having the greatest people in our lives there to witness and celebrate our big day. Sunday, we had a brunch and then whisked off to Erie County, about 20 miles from Buffalo, where we relaxed with remaining family and friends at Daryle’s best friend’s lake house; we had a beach bonfire and danced about.

On Monday after the wedding Daryle and I traveled back to DC to drop off our things and fly out on Tuesday to Maui (or as we say the cat’s call it “Meowie” — yes we are crazy cat people). Like the wedding, we were blown away by Maui. It really is a tropical paradise where you can experience total relaxing alone on the beach or hiking without a soul in site, combined with phenomenal restaurants, adorable island art galleries, live (islandy) music wherever you go and the warmest, most genuinely happy locals you’ve ever met (except while driving next to them on the highways). Daryle was so taken by the island that he actually said at one point “that’s it, sell the house, and send for the cats. We’re never going back.” Oh, but here we are, at home and in the city. Where do we go from here? I don’t know, but I do know that I have a partner standing next to me every step of the way.

Oh, I’m not finished talking about the last two weeks. More to come…pictures from the wedding, and pictures and a Guide to Maui.



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  1. you look so happy :) i’m glad everything went great! miss you

  2. so glad it exceeded expectations! hearts and stars indeed…

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