Yeah, so, I’m getting married really really soon

August 11, 2010 at 2:39 pm | Posted in wedding | 2 Comments

So, I’ve become the girl that I thought I wouldn’t be. I won’t stop talking about my wedding. I think my coworkers probably want to strangle me. And my poor, poor intern who is in earshot of my desk has heard each of my joys and concerns at least seven times! There are just so many little, tiny details that I need to decide on. So many things that I need to oversee to make sure they come together in a nice enough fashion.

But really, I am SO effing excited for this day to come. I cannot believe the friends and family members that are making the journey to Buffalo to be there for Daryle and me. I could weep I am so happy, I am weeping! We are planning a beautiful ceremony with music and readings that reflect us. (I will include details later…) Until then, I’m sorry for not blogging more. It is my love, my creative outlet, but it will be pretty sporadic from here on through after the wedding and honeymoon.

My wedding is 11 days away, so close that I can almost see the 10-day forecast (fingers crossed it doesn’t rain). Omg. Omg.



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  1. Saturday, August 21st. 78 degrees and sunny. Good day to get married. :)

  2. Katie, how could we want to strangle you? we are all so excited for you and Daryle. We can’t wait to hear all about the wedding and your fabulous honeymoon!

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