Sapphire+Diamond Wedding Band

August 4, 2010 at 9:43 pm | Posted in wedding | 1 Comment
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This morning, Daryle and I visited the same jeweler that made my engagement ring to pick out wedding bands. When we first arrived, I thought I knew what my plan was for the wedding band. I wanted exactly the same shape of my engagement ring, but without the diamond in the center. Instead, when I tried that on, I thought it was overpowering and unattractive. The jeweler explained that good design was a ring that wouldn’t detract the beauty of the engagement ring, but would also stand well on its own. After trying on a dozen rings, I was in absolute awe over [the pictured] band that has alternating three square sapphire stones flush against three tiny diamond dots. The result is a graphically beautiful designed ring with a slight beveled edge on either side. I had never in a million years thought I would ever want any stone other than a diamond on my wedding band. But there I was taken aback by its beauty. Daryle’s ring is a lovely compliment to mine that is squared off with a very thin bevel on the top and bottom, matching the style of mine. I have been emotional all day thinking about the life that we are about to embark on, the history we will share, and how those rings will be a symbol of us as a family that we are about to become.

[Update 8/5/10: A little bird told me that the wedding bands are supposed to be a secret to share after we get married. So I blurred out the rings even though I am leaving the description because I was in such a lovey state when I wrote about them. If you saw the pre-edited picture, just act surprised when you see it in real life.!]


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  1. It is so beautiful!

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