My wedding is ONE month away

July 21, 2010 at 8:14 am | Posted in life, wedding | 2 Comments
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Two words: Oh Shit. My wedding is ONE month away from today. Yes, I am very excited about it. I’m also freaking out. Everything is running through my head all at once…will people actually come up to Buffalo for Daryle and me? What am I going to do about jewelry? Will the bridesmaid dress fit my sister in Paris who won’t have the chance to try it on until a few days before the wedding? Have I lost enough weight so that I’ll like how I look in the pictures? What about the entertainment? We’ve invited like six DJs and I don’t know who is coming. Where the hell am I going to stay in Maui? (that’s a big one, I KNOW). Part of me tells myself “relax, take this one day at a time.” But then I say “Are you kidding me, I have NO time left!!!” Deep breathe. Ok, time to go to work! Ahhhhhh!

Thanks for listening. :)



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  1. Take a deep breath and take this on one task at a time. Don’t think about everything at once. Make a list and start checking things off of it.
    Everyone loves you and will be there. It’ll be the best day ever.

  2. Don’t worry! Your wedding is going to be everything you’ve ever dreamed. Just think, a month from now you’ll be on your honeymoon without a care in the world :)

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