Summer Garden Beans

July 14, 2010 at 9:52 pm | Posted in gardening | 2 Comments
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Can you find Fitzgibbons in this picture?

Hi friends! Here’s a garden update: Everything is growing like crazy and I couldn’t be happier. I’m serious. I hear people complaining about Washington’s nasty hot and humid summers, and it is hot and gross—don’t get me wrong. But part of me loves it. I’m energized by it. And watching my garden grow taller, greener with more fruit is so fulfilling. I mentioned a few times how last year I stupidly built my raised garden bed under a shady tree. As a result, all of my tomatoes were diseased. Poor things. But this year, I turned the bed into a medicinal garden on one end with a mixture of onions, swiss chard, green beans, and beets on the other. The chard is big and beautiful and ready to be picked. I’ve already been enjoying steamed green beans. This year I planted a medley of green, pale yellow and purple (the most fun). The purple beans turn green when you steam them. I know there are a green and purple speckled variety out there. I’ll have to explore that breed next year. :)



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  1. Your garden looks so lovely. I’m jealous of your green beans–my bean plants produced next to nothing, it’s pathetic.

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