Gatsby themed engagement party

May 25, 2010 at 12:21 am | Posted in insight, life, photography, wedding | 5 Comments
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I had the most wonderful weekend. My mom and stepdad threw Daryle and I a Great Gatsby themed engagement party at their wonderful house in Gaithersburg. The weather held out and we celebrated among friends and family members while sipping cream sodas and mint juleps and listening to Django Reinhardt.

My dear friends: Erin [bridesmaid!] and Dylan toking a cigar.
My mother had strings of pearls and made yellow flower pins for the ladies to wear. Fresh cigars and old fashioned chocolate cigarettes were enjoyed as the evening wore on.
Friends, Kevin, Natalie and their sweet little one, Audrey Sabina. On the right, the two Katies: myself and photographer Katie Hosmer.
My mom in the center and friends, Karen and Denise with the candy cigarettes.
Our awesome friends, Haley and Lisa.
The best: Kate, Will, Randy and Eliza
Lemon flavored cupcakes were baked by family-friend, Carmen [founder of Little Cakes]. On the right, Adam the documentary filmmaker.
Kevin and baby Audrey having a scream.
The one, the only Ian Fay making a speech. My mom handmade the flag streamers that are hanging on the porch. On the right: a detail shot of chocolate cigarettes, cigars and strings of pearls.
My amazing bridesmaids Alicia and Erin, sans my sister Claire and Daryle’s sister Amy.

Engagements and weddings (and I’m sure having a baby) are such a magical time—I am both charged and humbled by the enthusiasm, undying love and support that Daryle and I have received since getting engaged. The engagement party was a perfect start to the summer count down till the wedding. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and friends. I am cherishing these moments with loved ones and my The One and am excited to share our happy union this August.



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  1. These photos are amazing!

  2. Thanks, Mike! That means a lot coming from you!

  3. […] in Gatsby whites. The heartfelt toasts were so touching and memorable.Katie posted more pictures at her blog.We can’t thank you all enough for joining in the celebration and look forward to continuing […]

  4. my kathleen my mathleen!

    i been waiting to see these pics knowing they would come before the week was out. i knew too i would be missing an amazing time and know i have visual proof. had i not been out of town you know i would have been there with the whitest of whiteeee outfits upon pearls and streamers and handmade whatnots galore! i even had an outfit planned before i realized i was double-booking myself!! truth be told.

    now, my love, let me just say the images captured are phenomenal and i ADORE the color treatments you made to them. nothing better than a kickback to the kodachrome to start an amazing life journey together. forever.

    your mom is such a gem and my goodness what time and effort and heart she put into every single detail. i am breath-taken!!

    we will rendezvous when the timing. makes. it. so.
    until then know this: you always have my heart, and the art inside!


  5. My favorite picture is the last one of you and Daryle. It captures your happiness! We had a wonderful time, thank you for inviting us!

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