Whitehouse Correspondents’ MSNBC afterparty

May 5, 2010 at 3:38 pm | Posted in life, One of the most amazing things I've ever seen | 3 Comments
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Hello! I’ve been so far behind blogging this week. I’m afraid work, wedding and my evening wine have come first, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t think about my little Sunny+D’s every moment. Saturday night, I had the privilege of attending the White House Correspondents’ After Party which was hosted by MSNBC. My talented fiance Daryle, a.k.a. DJ D-Mac was hired as the evening’s entertainment along with special guest KC and the Sunshine Band (seen performing above). I heard Hollywood people would be attending, but didn’t give a ton of thought to it. I rarely see famous people, so just thought that perhaps I might see someone. As the place filled, I stepped over to the bar with my date, Erin and who was standing there? Oh, Jon Bon Jovi! I was so shocked that I actually said “that’s f*ckin Bon Jovi right there!” He may have even heard me. Next thing I know, Erin said “Is that Alec Baldwin over there?” And, yes, yes it was. Alec Baldwin was arm and arm with six other men; each in tuxedos taking a group photo. As Erin and I mingled we saw: Alan Greenspan, Angela from The Office, Tony Romo, that lady who is Oprah’s friend, and the MSNBC people: Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell and Rachel Maddow who was bartending! I’m sorry that I do not have the pictures to prove it. I didn’t have the guts to whip out my camera while I was on the floor and instead tried to act like I belonged there. What an all-star evening with an amazing star DJ.



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  1. Don’t forget Aasif Mandvi a.k.a. the only celebrity I actually saw there.

  2. Next year, make room on the stage for the DJ!

  3. If I had a penny for each time I came to sunshineanddesign.wordpress.com! Amazing writing.

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