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It’s always fascinating to find out what couples like to do together in their spare time. Some couples like to travel, some like to cook, workout, see movies, etc. Daryle and I—we really love admiring architecture and home decorating. When we are out and about and see a sign for an interesting looking open house we’re always like “ooh, open house, pull over!” Same thing goes for estate sales—which is the perfect way to see the exterior and interior of an amazing house; and there’s also the possibility that we will walk away with something special for our home.

We just so happened to be in Bethesda, MD right off Bradley Boulevard; an older neighborhood with magnificent Tudor-style homes and the occasional McMansion. There were two estate sales in the same neighborhood. We stopped at both sales and Daryle found a collection of seventies Venezuelan records which he pounced on. In a hidden basket, I found a collection of old magazines. I love magazines, old and new. I picked up two vintage Life‘s for a dollar. I was struck by the gorgeous photo of Nina van Pallandt on one of the magazines (pictured). She was part of the fifties Danish duo called Nina & Frederick that sang calypso tunes. I also can’t get enough of the old advertisements. I’m thinking they could make great wrapping paper. Is that wrong to cut up old magazines? Or should I place them on my bookshelf for eternity?

Listen to Nina & Frederick tunes via YouTube here and here.

Pictured above is my sweet kitty Shebeen.

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