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April 13, 2010 at 11:42 pm | Posted in mid-century, photography | Leave a comment
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Picture this: It’s ten-forty-something at night and I’m sitting Japanese-style on my living room floor at my Knoll coffee table eating homemade breaded chicken over romaine lettuce and cruising The Selby‘s site for something to post. I discovered The Selby’s work yesterday, became obsessed, followed him on Twitter and now he’s following me! I feel like I’m somebody…The Selby is following me! And yes, btw, I’m a late eater. I know it’s terrible.

Who or what is The Selby you might ask? The Selby is a person by the name of Todd [Selby] who captures art influenced, party spirited people with this-is-hardcore elements. All of his subjects are situated in their eclectic homes or work-spaces and many times with their pets. See this photo (that kitten is so cute). It makes me sort of fantasize about him photographing me in my pad. Me, a wanna-be blogger and art+photo coordinator; Daryle a web designer and DJ; inside our mid-century modern interior row house with two unbelievably adorable cats. It could work, right?

Back to reality. I think the closest I’ll get to The Selby would be buying his new book: The Selby Is in Your Place, which does look awesome.


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