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April 12, 2010 at 5:21 pm | Posted in gardening | 3 Comments
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When I planted my green onions last summer, I had no idea how long they would take to harvest. The package says 180 days, but these guys are more like 365! I’m amazed how the onions have survived our freezing winter piled with four feet of snow. They’re now just starting to go to seed so I’m picking them one-by-one as I see the flower in the center come up.

Every year I learn something new about what to expect with a garden. I didn’t realize that oregano [above] and chives [below] would come back. In mid-fall, both were dead with puny dried out sticks and now they are flourishing better than at the end of the summer!

It’s nice to have a few sprinkles of lush eatable greenery as I await the rest of the garden to grow. I feel like I am a teeny bit ahead of where I was last year. :)

This is the first year I planted pea seeds. I decided to grow them in several containers because I haven’t moved the raised bed to a sunnier spot in my yard. I think they’ll do fine in containers (I mean, I hope). Above are tiny pea plants. They are about two and a half inches tall and are ready to start climbing. Peas love cooler weather and do well in early spring. If all goes well, I’ll have a bunch of peas by early May.

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  1. Our Illinois garden also had Oregano and Chives grow back this year. Very nice!

  2. My sage has grown back like a weed. Like, a bad weed. I have way too much of it. And my chives came back which I’m excited about because they are perfect. But my basil, which I assumed would come back, did not. :(

  3. I didn’t know sage would come back either! I’m growing sage from seed and its like two inches tall. So now I know that I should have sage next year then! I also have wild garlic chives growing in patches in my yard. It’s the prettiest, dark greenest looking skinny grass. My step dad called it Indian Grass. Not sure if that is actually it’s real name. :)

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