Marriage-Prep Courses in Washington, DC

March 25, 2010 at 11:56 am | Posted in life | 1 Comment
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Tonight, Daryle and I begin pre-cana (marriage-prep) classes taught by the Catholic church. Although we haven’t practiced in our adult lives, we both were brought up with some religion. After we got engaged, we thought it would be important to explore the foundations of marriage and the merging of two individual people that become one family (I becomes We). I’ve heard that marriage prep courses will go over things that one may not have even thought of: family planning, money, religion in the family, meeting the emotional needs of your spouse, and so on. I do feel like Daryle and I have already gone through some of this: buying and remodeling a house together, we’ve discussed having children, we have an idea of how we want to raise our kids with some religion and then let them decide what they believe. I am most interested in how pre-cana delves into deep seeded beliefs and then encourages the couple how to find a way to be on a similar page. I think this will be an meaningful journey for both of us to learn more about the each other.

I actually had a tough time finding where to take marriage-prep courses in Washington, DC. If you are interested in learning more or signing up for something similar, you can find more information about the classes we are taking here.

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  1. the marriage-prep thing can be fascinating even if yr not religious – becky and i got a lot out of doing it with the presbyterian pastor recommended by the fella that married us. and that photo is great, too.

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