Garden 2010: The garden starts here

March 18, 2010 at 11:03 pm | Posted in gardening | 1 Comment
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In springtime, the only pretty ring time
Birds sing, hey ding
A-ding, a-ding
Sweet lovers love the spring

Well hello there! This year, I’m stepping up my game and planting only non-GMO, open pollinated seeds. I did a little research and found a few seed-Co.’s that meet the criteria: Seed Savers, Victory Seeds and Tomato Fest. I wound up ordering 25 varieties of vegetable and herb seeds from Victory Seeds. Well, as you can see, the seeds arrived and last weekend the planting began!

To get a jump-start on an edible garden, I’m a big fan of starting seeds indoors by using seed starter kits. The kits are very inexpensive, and clean and tidy, plus you can re-use the containers from year-to-year needing only to buy the refills. The kits come with a clear plastic lid that helps keep moisture and heat in, encouraging the seeds to sprout while the days are still chilly. You can pick up the kits at Home Depot or your local gardening store. I have both the Burpee Greenhouse and the Jiffy Greenhouse. I’m happy with both; although maybe the Burpee version a little more because it has more banks for seeds and you don’t necessarily need to buy the refills since you could just use soil (although the refills make it much cleaner).

Once you have all the soil refills in place, you just add (warm) water and watch as they magically puff up. Then add 1-2 seeds per soil space, place the lid on top, and move to a sunny location. Check on the seeds every couple of days to make sure they stay damp.

All three of those containers hold 80 spots for seeds! I planted: black krim, golden striped, and brandywine tomatoes; golden and red peppers; three kinds of beets; swiss chard; echinacea; lavender; chamomile; basil; rosemary; catnip; sage; parsley; and creeping thyme. In two weeks, I will plant three more varieties of tomatoes, more peppers, swiss chard and beets to have a constant flow of veggies all summer. I’m so excited!


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  1. good for you, K!

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