Modern house, minimalist landscape: Complete

November 5, 2009 at 12:51 am | Posted in gardening, modernism | 2 Comments
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landscape_2 A

The front yard landscaping is complete! I am really happy with the turnout. Daryle thinks it is too sparse, but I love the “white space” (mulch) that separates each plant. Slowly, all of the plants will sprawl out while remaining low to the ground. Instead of using lava rock as decoration interspersed with the plants; we used large pieces of quartz that were in the backyard. The flat pebbles that line the bottom of the hill above the side-walk were also from the backyard. It’s nice to use items from our house and not have to buy more of things.

The yard will be relatively low-maintenance. I do have to water it twice a week and fertilize it twice a year. The juniper and spruce will need pruning, but that won’t need to happen for more than a year. I think the hardest maintenance will be keeping the ivy from the neighbor’s yard out of ours. Alas, it is done. Now to the backyard!



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  1. You need a leaf blower! looks nice.

  2. It looks really good. Good job!

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