Halloween Party Mix (This is good.)

October 29, 2009 at 5:39 pm | Posted in music | 1 Comment
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Getting in the spooky-spirit of Halloween, for the second year in a row, Daryle (A.K.A. DJ D-Mac) mixed a terrifying selection of music from the vinyl he’s collected for years. A Grip of Terror is scary fun. I’m loving The Budos Band’s blaring baritone sax with laughing goblins, and dissonant piano riffs in the background. The Cramps singing “i cut your head off and put it in my tv set,” with music-box sounds is creepy. But wait, then comes some deep dark early nineties dub electronica. You can even hear the genuine crackle of the record going pop-pop-pop. The swirling chaos of funk and vocal chants, and jammy congas and bass-lines are killah. The pinnacle is a little housey club moment from i’m not telling with a theramin in the background then ending with the haunting Tocata in D Minor by Bach.

Download here.

The mix got picked up on Soul Strut, so it must be mad good. Happy Halloween!

Photo credit: Katie Mathy


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  1. good stuff! i’m-a collect the whole series –

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