I love Martha Stewart.

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A brief intro why.

This Thanksgiving my parents and Daryle’s parents will meet for the first time after nearly five years of us being together. We are both very excited and have been rushing to ready our house: finish the kitchen, finish the master bathroom (so that we will have two W.C.s), finish the electrical fiber-optic lines that are still sticking out of the wall (still, after two years living with it), refinish the front door, nail down the toe kick throughout the house, landscape the front yard, install a banister on both staircases…(Why am I even writing this? I have so much to do!)…and many other things.

That said, in preparation for the Thanksgiving event, I bought Gourmet‘s (R.I.P) and Living‘s Thanksgiving issues. For the first time, I read Martha Stewart’s entire calendar that is at the front of her magazine for November. Now that I am old enough and (semi) responsible enough; it makes a lot of sense. I have a house, a yard, pets, the need to exercise more, the interest in entertaining, etc. I am greatly inspired by her calendar because I want to be more organized while most of the time, I don’t know where to begin. I will use her calendar as a guide for my life. I like how she has her exercise scheduled far in advance. She-will-be-there. I love how she has her winterized garden planned (not to forget winterizing the bee hives!). These organizational tips will help me maintain a level of sanity. What a concept: Finalize menu by this date. Buy the rest of supplies for menu by this date. Wala!

So Martha, here’s to you…and a new me!


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