Happy (belated) birthday Brigitte Bardot

September 25, 2009 at 3:15 pm | Posted in design, life | 4 Comments
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In honor of Brigitte Bardot’s birthday (which was yesterday) and because it’s Friday, I thought I would resurrect this flyer which was made for a party that I threw while living in a group house in Dupont Circle many moons ago. Designed by my beloved friend and at-the-time-roommate, Behn Farahpour. The party’s theme was inspired from the Bret Easton Ellis book, The Rules of Attraction.



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  1. love that poster! i found the film of “rules of attraction” more inspiring than the book, but hey…speaking of films, i normally eat up godard with a spoon but the lovely ms. bardot was the only thing i really loved about “contempt”.

  2. so many things that are so katie about this post: parties at that house in dupont circle, brett easton ellis, super babes….love it!

    also it looks like i will be in dc on october 11th! i think i even found a ride!

  3. Yes, you totally got it! It’s funny how things change and yet they stay the same. I still love B.E.E. with all my heart; Brigitte is such a babe; and I will always remember fondly that crazy, cracking apart group house…which has recently been condemned!!! Sabina, I’m pretty sure you came to that party. You know that right?

  4. i thought i was at that party but i wasn’t sure. that was the one i brought my little cousin too right? haha. such good times! i can’t believe that was 5 years ago holy shit.

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