Home Renovation: Granite Countertop

August 20, 2009 at 12:11 am | Posted in homeownership, renovation | 2 Comments
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Virginia Marble and Granite showroom.

Counters in the kitchen are an important component. Originally, Daryle and I were interested in either poured concrete, stainless steel or a granite/composite material. After researching a bit, I begrudgingly decided against concrete because it tends to show it’s age early since it is so porous and stains easily. Stainless steel wouldn’t work because it would scratch. We opted for the most popular of choices: granite—with the plan of choosing a truly unique slab.

This morning we visited Virgina Marble and Granite‘s warehouse in Chantilly, VA. They had tons of different choices of color. Some of the granite had wild patters—one of which was zebra-style black and white with splashes of rusty orange splattered across. (We didn’t go in that direction!)

We brought samples of the tile floor and cabinets to find the right match. Typhoon Bordeaux (below) was the lucky winner. It’s a dramatic piece. The base color is golden tan with darker lines and bubbles of brown. There are small dots of black and white also. My favorite part is the topographical-like line that cuts the slab in half.

Typhoon Bordeaux is the color we chose.
Close-up of Typhoon Bordeaux


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  1. How did your kitchen turn out? I also choose typhoon bordeaux and am trying to work out a backsplash as there is so much movement with the granite. My cabinetry is antique white and I am trying to decide on a wood tone for the centre island.

  2. Hi Maureen,
    Thanks for stopping by!
    My kitchen is turning out really nicely. It has taken much longer than anticipated, but that is the way everything goes in my house. I too am trying to figure out what backslash to choose. I think something subdued will work best with the busy granite. My floors also are slightly busy—they are a dark brown porcelain with splashes of a lighter cooper brown (sounds hideous, but they have a cool industrial look). I just came across this backspash in Sunset magazine: http://www.sunset.com/home/architecture-design/dream-entertainment-kitchen-00400000054741/page9.html …I really like the pattern and if that tile was white or off-white/beige it could work. Daryle and I have talked about glass. I just need to find the right style. What are you thinking? You have good taste, I might add.

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