The Case of the Missing Bell Peppers

August 17, 2009 at 8:56 pm | Posted in gardening | 3 Comments

This weekend I was inspecting how the garden was coming along, when I noticed that all of my bell green peppers vanished! I immediately thought it must have been a squirrel since those pesky guys devoured the sunflowers leaving seeds everywhere. I began looking around the nearby area for evidence of half eaten peppers but didn’t see anything. I inspected the plant and was perplexed that I couldn’t find any indication that the plant had been ruffled by a rodent or a bird. Not even two minutes had gone by when a neighbor walked over and asked me how my garden was doing. I said it was coming along, but all of my peppers were missing. The neighbor then asked if it was possible to get into the gate without a key (yes). The neighbor then confessed that he saw two girls walking in the ally with bags full of fresh produce. What!? These girls let themselves into my backyard and must have snipped my vegetables from their branches and carried them off. They also cleaned out other neighbor’s vegetables too. I’ve had a mixture of feelings…helpless, violated, enraged, disappointed for my hard work. It makes me wonder; how bad off are these girls that they are stealing produce from the neighborhood? A better fence would certainly be a deterrent. Unfortunately, it will not be built soon enough.



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  2. mathy, that’s devastating! i’m sorry :(

    • They came around a second time and took my tomatoes. I’m going to cry a little right now. Jerks!

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