Modern Bird Feeders

August 10, 2009 at 11:31 pm | Posted in design, modernism | 3 Comments
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The backyard of the lake house I stayed in Western New York had tons of bird feeders hanging from trees and on stands. There were orioles, goldfinches, sparrows, humming birds, and woodpeckers throughout the yard. It was such a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere that I would love to create in my own backyard.

These modern bird feeders are so fun:
Eva Solo Bird Feeder: GRDN
Nesting Bird Box: Feel More Human
Amy Adams Bird Feeder: Branch Home
J Schatz Egg Bird Feeder: Grounded



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  1. I love the one that looks like a little flat cave (bottom left). The only thing I would worry about is birds living in it when it gets rainy or cold. Other than that, they would create a really cool environment for a backyard, especially if the rest of the house was modern. Looks easy to clean as well.

  2. Wow sweet feeders, I really like the modern look, wasn’t even aware they made such things. You have any cool suggestions for hummingbird feeders? I’ve heard lots of good things about Perky Pet’s feeders but wanted to get your take on it! Thanks.

  3. i love bird feeders that look good like those, they really are attractive and would make any garden look better.

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