Let the Sun Shine In

August 10, 2009 at 12:37 am | Posted in design | 4 Comments
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let the sun shine inQuite relevant to the post below. This notecard would certainly make my day—available on Etsy.

(via Design-Milk)


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  1. oh my. i love it. i want the poster version quite badly now. thanks a lot katie.

  2. dude, you’re looking at my blog. i love you so much!!!

    I checked the Etsy store yesterday and it was sold out. I should request a re-print.


  3. aww i love YOU

    and i totally added you to my list of blogs i check every day! you have such a great one!

    here is the 16×20 poster. i don’t really have the money right now (especially since i’d want to frame it right away and we all know how much framing is) but if she’s selling out i feel like i should order it!

    other etsy posters i totally want:


    • All of those posters are so great. I’ve framed a couple of graphic prints using Ikea frames. The frames are actually pretty nice, but they don’t have a ton of different sizes.

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