Delights of the Garden

August 10, 2009 at 12:29 am | Posted in dirt, gardening | Leave a comment
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01_garden_0809Above: Amana Orange tomatoes ready to be picked. On the right: Brandywine tomatoes.
Above: A green bean on the plant and in my hand.
Above: Green peppers. The longer you leave them on the vine, the more red they will become.
Above: A fatty cucumber and a baby pumpkin.

Oh yes, hi, hello…I officially do not suck! My garden is really growing and I am ecstatic!! Just look above at the Amana Orange tomatoes that are stunning. The green beans that took me three or four tries to grow after my cats ate the leaves, then the rain drowned the seeds have beans on the plants…BEANS! The green and red pepper plant has mini cute peppers on it. The viney cucumber plant as one big fat cucumber and a little one coming along. Last but not least, a sweet, tiny, adorable pumpkin has sproated. I will pray to the garden gods that it will grow big and fat for fall. Yay, hurray! You grow little garden, grow!

Special credit to the title “Delights of the Garden” which is from Desmond Williams‘ album from 2002 off of ESL. It’s downbeat, worldly electronica sounds still remain a favorite today. Listen to bits here.

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