Summer in the city

June 28, 2009 at 10:21 pm | Posted in gardening, vegetable | 2 Comments

My first sunflowers blossomed!

A couple weeks ago, I replanted green beans after the cats devoured the seedlings. We’ll see if they actually produce. I’m not sure if it is too late in the season. I also planted more onions from seed. On the right, my tomatoes, peppers, onions and various herbs are making progress. Don’t mind the garbage and recycling can in the background…we are planning on getting a bamboo fence installed one of these days.

I replanted daisy perennials in memory of Nana, my grandmother. They are enjoying their new spot in the sun.

My purple pepper plant (purchased from American Plant) is doing well and the pumpkin patch is taking over! Good thing I moved it from the raised garden bed.



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  1. Love your garden posts! I’m excited to see you next week and hear all about the garden firsthand. I haven’t seen my garden in almost a week, hopefully my pumpkins haven’t taken over! Oh, and we have the same nozzle as you–love it!

  2. Thanks!! I’ll give you an earful when I see you.

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