A couple of things I have learned this week

June 4, 2009 at 10:02 pm | Posted in homeownership, life | 2 Comments
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not To DoClockwise: My MacBook post-spill, detail of keyboard, Daryle’s records in the basement (representing the volume of stuff we have down there), the drainage pipe partially cleared after the flood.

I thought I would share two experiences that I have learned from this week.

1. Never under any circumstance drink anything (ever) near your MacBook.
Yes, I have learned the hard way that even the smallest amount of liquid that falls onto the keyboard will send this beautiful little computer on the fritz. Even worse, such mistake is not covered under AppleCare. And when you go to Apple sizzling, they reply saying that any liquid damage is “seven-fifty.” Which means seven hundred and fifty dollars. Something tells me this issue is not rated highly on Consumer Reports. If only practicality was more important than beauty. [humongous sad face]

2. Always keep your drainage pipe clear of debris, dirt and leaves.
Buying a home was one of the most nerve-racking and exhilarating things I have experienced. It opens a world of endless possibilities. But, there are responsibilities that come with homeownership that one may not be accustomed to. One of which is mowing the lawn. That lawn is not going to get mowed by itself. Another would be clearing out the gross, soggy, decomposing leaves that fall in the drainage pipe that is right outside the basement door. A door that is very old and already has water damage. Another lesson. If you don’t keep up with the drainage pipe, it is highly likely that water will build up so high that it will go through the seams of the back door and come out the front door. [sad faces all-round]



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  1. Grrrl. Get one of those clear plastic keyboard covers. Neal has one at work. Has saved his ass a million times over. They aren’t bad after using it a few days. Yeah, it’s $20 but that’s better than 7-fifty.

  2. yes, you’re right. I’ll get one…

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