A baby pumpkin plant

June 4, 2009 at 8:59 pm | Posted in dirt, gardening, spring, vegetable | 4 Comments
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pumpkin plantAbout a month ago, I planted this pumpkin plant in my raised garden bed. Afterwards, I told my trusted friend with a green thumb the news in which he burst into laughs. It turns out, pumpkin plants need a lot of space. It could easily take up my entire garden bed being as it needs roughly six feet of space to grow. Instead it was suggested to replant it on the hill in my yard. I took his advice and did so. I actually couldn’t believe just how difficult it would be to dig a small hole for the pumpkin. We have really rocky soil that has chunks of clay. I managed to get the little guy in the ground and he’s doing very well. A couple of flowers have formed and it’s getting bigger by the day.



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  1. AAAWWWWwwwwww! I’ve got to get mine in the ground soon! I still haven’t done that.

  2. […] flowers; and the gigantic kind with edible seeds. They have proven to be so hardy. Similar to my pumpkin plant, I planted all the seedlings in a rocky, clay spot next to the fence. I believe they will […]

  3. […] purple pepper plant (purchased from American Plant) is doing well and the pumpkin patch is taking over! Good thing I moved it from the raised garden […]

  4. mine looked like that too i had it a planter bed as well and moved it to the ground if withered a little but came back quick with much watering and another plant i have is still in the put and is starting to grow a few pumpkins so i am gently moving the plant into the ground by digging a hole and cutting the plasic pot at the bottom and putting it right in good luck it is very exciting when it starts procuding the pumpkins

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